Regence Video Asks “What if Everything Worked Like Health Care?”

“45 Seconds to Share” illustrates health care system foibles

PORTLAND, Ore. — What if you could not find the price for anything at the grocery store, even the most basic items? What if the check-out clerk offered to mail you a bill, but could not tell you what your total amount would be?
Although that sounds ridiculous, that is exactly how our nation’s health care system often operates.
As the country’s health care reform debate charges forward, the unsustainable rise in health care costs remains a significant issue. Understanding the cost of medical care – from a doctor’s visit to a flu shot to knee surgery – is the key to controlling those costs. To illustrate the absurdity of not knowing what a procedure or office visit costs, unlike other sectors of our economy, Regence launched a video called “45 Seconds to Share,” part of the company’s campaign.

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